we are createcon

 A design and branding agency based in Perth.

We create visual identities that speak, by encapsulating the story of your brand.

By honouring your roots and welcoming your quirks, our work moulds a brand identity that represents the whole of your parts.

Whether you’re a new brand or an established business, with creativity and connection, we breathe new life into your brand.


Branding is your voice – your way of speaking to the world. When your visual identity is strong, it tells your story in seconds. When it’s weak, it confuses and misconstrues. 

We work with you collaboratively to unearth your truth and portray it visually. By stepping out with clarity and strength, your brand will attract its most aligned audience.


Marketing helps you reach your people and implement your branding to achieve results. We help you build a visual marketing plan that incorporates your branding, so you’ll be able to stay true to your identity while growing as a business.

From social media templates, email templates, landing pages and much more, we can help you put your best foot forward and utilise your branding to see results.


identity shaping

When you work with Createcon, we infiltrate your branding into every aspect of your business.

Whether it’s web design, email marketing or automation, we shape an identity across various mediums to ensure that your brand is consistent and recognisable.

Your business is the body, your brand is the soul