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Day Dreaming

To be in a warm, tropical jungle, sipping some coffee & watching the world (gorillas) go by would be my idea of perfection right now 👌🏼 It’s literally freezing degrees here as we go into winter (it’s actually not that cold, but you know added drama for effect). As much as I love the cold, it’s such a demotivator for me (if that’s even a word 🤷🏼‍♀️) Especially in the mornings, when I’m snug as a bug 🐛 all warm & cosy…then the alarm goes off (always during a really crucial part of my dream too, worst timing 😒)
A few tips I use to get myself out of bed in the am ,
1. Coffee, it’s one of the first things I drink. Yes I’m a little addicted but don’t judge me.
2. I tell myself that it’s a start of a new day, which means new opportunities & another day to do what I love (I’m pretty lucky).
3. Those emails won’t answer themselves Regan… 📩
4. Work out within the first part of your morning, I find this really gives me a boost & I actually look forward to it 💪🏽 I’m still trying to work on my morning routine & I aim to get up earlier each day (doesn’t help I go to bed at 12am on average, really need to stop doing that🤦🏼‍♀️) but the morning is so vital to how the rest of your day goes. It shapes how you feel, your mind set & for me, my productivity. As mush as some people dislike it, I am starting to become a MORNING PERSON 🙂 & I ain’t mad about it 👏🏼 Enjoy your Thursday morning loves 🖤 #feelgooddesigns #createcondesigns

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